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I am so incredibly grateful to Mindy and her team at AlphaPixel Reach. As a small business it is a struggle to manage social media and a business at the same time. We have seen our client base increase beyond measure. It is comforting to know that I have one less thing to think about with a reliable social media partner. The dollar value of not thinking about marketing and reaching out to our clients cannot be expressed. I would never be able to get it all done without them and keep to a budget. Don’t even hesitate. Call them. Set it up. There are no more worries in their capable and experienced hands. They are available and flexible with any requests I have. Kudos to them. They ROCK!!

Christine G, General Manager
Social Media
Restaurant Industry

Jodi's Race of Awareness, Social Media post

The Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance has relied on Mindy’s help with social media for several years now. She “gets” our cause in the deepest sense and crafts meaningful posts that really hit our target audience. I appreciate very much that she keeps on top of the ever-changing social media landscape, making sure we get our message out – helping us raise awareness of ovarian cancer, promote upcoming events, and communicate important information to our audience. I can’t imagine a better partner for our organization. (And she’s delightful to work with and very responsive!)

Jeanene S, Associate Director, Jodi’s Race 5K Race Director, Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Fundraising
Health and Wellness Non Profit Industry

Bell Policy Center Website

AlphaPixel Reach was the most incredible team to work with, both in terms of their general demeanor and their amazing work. They were responsive to emails, calls, wild requests, and the sometimes chaotic schedule I was working on. They heard me out on my ambitious ideas and found a way to do exactly what I wanted on a budget that worked for me. When we ran into snags due to third-party vendors, they went above and beyond to help me find a solution, even though it was outside their scope of work. Several times I changed my vision and was afraid I was throwing too much APR’s way, but each time, I would receive an email telling me my request was completed and for me to see if what as I wanted. I cannot say enough great things about working with AlphaPixel Reach. I look forward to working with the team in the future, and what’s even better is I know if I have any questions regarding the site they built for me, I can shoot them an email or give them a call and they’ll be as helpful as they were through the entire process.

Erin M, Communications Director
Website Development
Community Advocacy Non Profit Industry

Cup of Ambition - Coffee house Social Media

Mindy is an absolute asset. She accomplished all the tasks necessary on local social media sites that helped me build my business and relieve me of the unbelievable stress I was having. She continues to impress me and I am so thankful that she is in my corner. I look forward to continue growing my business with her.

Amy R, Small Business Owner
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Community Outreach
Restaurant Industry

Olli Website

Mindy, I want to thank you and AlphaPixel Reach for revolutionizing my approach to teaching my current events class at OLLI Central this semester.  Using the web site that you created for me I was able to communicate with my class in a seamless way and provide them with the current events that we would discuss each week.  My class simply had to log on to the web site you built and go to the upcoming week and source all our conversation topics. The site was graphically pleasing and an ease to navigate. Thanks for making me look good!

Tom B, Professor
Website Design
Education Industry

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I started working with AlphaPixel Reach 1 week ago and already I am seeing results. Mindy has been helping me with my social media…just posts so far. I’m excited to see where I will be in a month and beyond!

Cathy B, Small Business Owner
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Community Outreach
Health and Wellness Industry

Alpen Way Chalet Social Media Post

AlphaPixel Reach has helped keep our social media presence active and current. It’s a relief to know that relevant posts are going up on a timely basis. Highly recommend!

Lisa B, Small Business Owner
Social Media Campaign Design and Management
Hotel Industry

Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance Social Media

I can’t say enough about AlphaPixel Reach’s work. They turned Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance’s social media from so-so to TERRIFIC.  We get compliments all the time about our social media and it’s because Mindy uses her brain AND her heart.

Patrice H, Executive Director, Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Community Outreach, Fundraising
Health and Wellness Non Profit Industry

Panda Spell Webpage - Dr Scott Isaacs

AlphaPixel Reach’s ideas are so creative and “out of the box”. Every penny we spend with them is well spent and recouped tenfold!

They have excellent creative marketing ideas and have been very responsive and flexible from the start. Very highly recommended if you are looking for a strong social media campaign and a great online presence!

Scott I, Educator, Small Business Owner
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Website Development
Education Industry

Evergreen Swims - Water Safety page

AlphaPixel Reach is amazing at handling all the social media marketing and outreach needs of our business!  They are very knowledgeable of how to raise your online exposure with the right sites and balance of information to post.  Highly recommend their services to others as they are very outgoing and easy to work with.

Courtney M, Small Business Owner
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Website Development
Health and Wellness Industry

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I have had the pleasure of working with AlphaPixel Reach on a couple of occasions planning fundraising events. They work hard, often thinking outside the box with new and creative ideas. Mindy’s strong work ethic and determination allowed us to not only reach our goals but to exceed them each time we worked together! It was a pleasure working with Mindy and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! I highly recommend AlphaPixel Reach.

Julie T, Non Profit Board of Directors
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Special Event Planning
Education Non-Profit Industry

Fight for Dave website

We brought AlphaPixel Reach in at the very last moment for a local fundraising event. Their ability to quickly and professionally create a website and social media accounts helped us publicize our event to people who otherwise would not have found out about it. Their willingness to step up in the days leading up to the event to prepare for the silent auction was exceptional. The day of the event Mindy from AlphaPixel Reach was on scene helping to set up, decorate, layout the silent auction in approachable and professional manner. During the event she was more than happy to answer questions for guests, bus tables, empty trash cans, workout are check out, and do whatever needed to be done often times before we even realized it needed. Our community event raised over $50,000 with only four weeks of planning. AlphaPixel Reach was an integral part of our event and would not have been nearly as successful without their support and help. Thank you Mindy we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Michele M, Event Planner
Website Development, Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Special Event Planning, Fundraising
Community Need Non-Profit Industry

Balkan Education Experience Facebook Page

AlphaPixel Reach worked with me on my website and within 45 minutes my relaxation level went up to 90%. They made it so easy and everything I’ve done so far has worked out perfectly. They really were life savers.

Bob B , Small Business Owner
Social Media Campaign Design and Management, Website Design Support
Education & Travel Industry

Group photograph #1

Another excellent evening with Mindy tonight at the Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce Class Mob marketing training. We are so fortunate to have high-quality educators like Mindy within our Conifer community.

Jane P, Small Business Owner
Online Marketing For Small Business, Class Attendee
Service Industry

Website - Native American Sacred Trees & Places

Mindy is an engaging, creative, and inspirational leader who can be counted on to exceed expectations in everything she does. She has great vision and an unusual capacity to plan and organize the complex details to turn visions into reality. She is ethical, conscientious, insightful, honest and forthright, prompt, and highly professional. And her heart is as big as her intellect is sharp. She’s a joy to work with!

Janet S, Executive Director, Non Profit
Social Media Campaign Design, Website Design Support
Non Profit Industry

Website CThru Cleaning Services

Mindy is amazing! I appreciate her responsiveness and willingness to meet my needs. She’s attentive and also provides just the right amount of space when I need it! Such a pleasure to work with her!

Jessica S, Small Business Owner
Social Media Campaign Design, Social Media Advertising,  Website Design
Service Industry

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