Message in a Bottle

I’ll send an SOS to the world
I’ll send an SOS to the world
I hope that someone gets my
Message in a bottle

“Message in a Bottle” – The Police

Just like you can’t intentionally create a “viral video” despite demands to the contrary, you also can’t take a message, put it into a bottle, toss it into the Social Media Sea, and assume that it’s going to get any traction whatsoever.

As our avenues for social media interaction increase in both number and volume, the Social Media Sea gets larger and choppier. The crash of waves of information on the shores of our attention become more incessant day by day. Many people retreat to some sort of safety and only occasionally dip their toes into the sea these days.

That’s why you must vary your messages’ vehicles to see if, perhaps, one rises to the surface better than the others.  Maybe your bottle is typically memes. Memes are great. Memes make people laugh, or think, and most importantly SHARE.  But if you aren’t getting traction you need from memes, maybe you need to switch up the type of bottle you’re using. Maybe that bottle is videos, or sharing links to industry articles and blog posts, or even testimonials.

But if you just abandon those messages to the whims of trending hashtag currents, without actively monitoring them to figure out which eddies are garnering real engagement, you’ll have no way to know if you’re even using the right type of bottle to begin with. There’s really no way to be sure which container will catch the right current to bring your bottle home to your customer’s peaceful shores. And isn’t that what we want? Our campaigns need to be sending out messages that will survive the maelstrom that is the Social Media Sea so that the people who need our message will actually receive it.

That’s why AlphaPixel Reach makes sure that every message for every client is written, scheduled and monitored in order to continuously improve traction. There is no perfect social media campaign. It takes vigilance and reflection in order to know how to best reach your clients, and that’s where AlphaPixel Reach can truly help you navigate the Social Media Sea.

AlphaPixel Reach Writer, Clay Robeson, June 6, 2018

Message in a Bottle
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