5: Testimonials


Mindy is an absolute asset. She accomplished all the tasks necessary on local social media sites that helped me build my business and relieve me of the unbelievable stress I was having. She continues to impress me and I am so thankful that she is in my corner. I look forward to continue growing my business with her.


(Amy Riffel, Bean-N-Bakery Bistro,Social Media, Community Outreach)

If more stars were available for Mindy and AlphaPixel Reach, I’d give them! From our first meeting in 2002 when Mindy and her husband volunteered for a wildfire disaster relief effort in our community, I knew they were extraordinary people. Gifted with great talent, energy, insight, creativity, and professionalism, Mindy has worked and volunteered in various nonprofit organizations over the past few decades. She participated actively in the local Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Evergreen program, and contributed her many talents to our mountain region firefighting and first responder departments, as well as the Ovarian Cancer awareness organizations that she so strongly supports. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, human insight, leadership skills, and passion to her work at AlphaPixel Research, and any organization she works with is made better by her presence.

More Than 5 Stars,

(Janet Shown,Social Media, Website Design, Community Outreach)

Mindy is amazing! I appreciate her responsiveness and willingness to meet my needs. She’s attentive and also provides just the right amount of space when I need it! Such a pleasure to work with her!


(Kathy Clean Owner Jessica S,Website, Social Media and Marketing Strategy Client)

Highly dependable and creative people. Will work their tails off for you! -Brett J, Marketing strategy client

Highly Dependable,


AlphaPixel Reach has excellent creative marketing ideas and has been very responsive and flexible from the start. Very highly recommended if you are looking for a strong social media campaign and a great online presence! -Dr. Scott, Website, social media and market strategy client

Creative Marketing Ideas,


“Your ideas are so creative and “out of the box”. Every penny I spend with you is well spent and recouped tenfold! Thank you!”

Lost Without You,

(NASCC,web page client)

“I sure appreciate you. Thank you for all you’re doing and juggling.”

Master Jugglers,

(Dr. Scott, Panda Spell,Social Media and Web Client)

With the newest work, I could hear a different voice in the writing and thought it might be you! I wanted to give a compliment to you!  I saw some more “writerly” overtones.

Different Voice,

(Executive Director, Non-Profit Social Media Client,)

Excellent customer service and amazing work! They are organized, responsive and creative. They listen to your needs and produce great results.

Five Stars,

(Christina Ells,Website and Social Media Client)