1: AlphaPixel Reach Intro

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AlphaPixel Reach specializes in helping nonprofits and small to medium business reach their goals by reaching more potential clients. We achieve this through the use of a variety of media including websites, social media, eBlasts and newsletters, online advertising, and print media. We understand that a delicate balance has to be respected between marketing and budget allocation so we work with each client individually to find out what they have, how that can be improved, what we can supplement with and how to get the most impact. Working with an expert can save you significant time and ensure that your marketing and outreach dollars are reaching their full potential.

Our website is designed to give you an overview of what services we offer and how we have helped other clients. Each client’s needs are different so we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how our creative and innovative techniques can help your business reach the next level.

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