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What Happened to My Facebook Posts from SEMRush?

Article written by AlphaPixel Reach team member Chris Hanson. Over the past few months, Facebook (now called Meta) has been testing a new Business Manager upgrade that they promise has all sorts of wonderful improvements. Rumor in the industry was that the upgrade would have been completed last night, May 8th, 2022. Interestingly, this morning, many[…]

#ShareTheLove 2022

February is here. That means lots of chocolates, flowers and other Valentine’s Day goodies for your loved ones. We are excited to begin our annual #ShareTheLove campaign and encourage you to support businesses you appreciate with a review on their Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, or other online platforms. But why are online reviews more[…]

New Year Digital Marketing Check Up

Article written by AlphaPixel Reach team member Mindy Hanson. The start of a new year is full of new possibilities and opportunities. Resolutions to eat healthier, exercise, get more sleep, and spend time with family are all high on our lists of personal priorities. We buy more produce, join a gym, make a doctor’s appointment[…]

Apple’s New Privacy Practice and What it Means to You

Article written by AlphaPixel Reach team member Chris Hanson. By now you’ve probably heard about new privacy changes Apple is making, and how they will drastically impact digital advertising and even the whole Internet. There are a lot of opinions being thrown around about the situation, and it’s not a simple situation to explain. We’ll[…]

Protecting Your Brand’s Intellectual Property from Theft and Infringement

Article written by AlphaPixel Reach team member Kelsey Johnson. With the rise of technology in today’s society, digital marketing is, more than ever, at the forefront. As new technology is being adopted by consumers, digital marketing is thriving exponentially. Let’s face it, building a brand is no easy task! It takes hard work, dedication, and[…]

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