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2nd Annual Share the Love Campaign

One of the more popular meme themes of 2018 was taking ANY problem and having a 40-something year old woman named Karen demand to speak to a manager about it. That really got me to thinking about how people rarely, if ever, demand to speak to a manager when something GOOD happens. The same is

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Organic Isn’t Just For Groceries Anymore

 One of the hardest things to do, especially when your business is just starting out, is to build your online credibility.  These days, people seem to only speak up when they are unhappy, so the only time managers get called over, or reviews get written is when someone has a complaint.  Getting your happy clients

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Web hit counter

What Can You Learn from Website Analytics?

In the early days of the internet, when “Under Construction” gifs and the < blink > tag were in full use, at the bottom of most web pages you could find the earliest form of website analytics: The Hit Counter. This simply counted how many times the page was loaded by anyone.   With the

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How Large is Your Pebble? How Far Reaching is Your Ripple?

As young children we each dropped pebbles into water and watched the concentric circles work their way out. Growing larger and larger. Maybe the pebble would make a twig move or give a water bug a short ride. Maybe the rock would be large enough that when you dropped it in, it splashed you and

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Remotely Speaking

There was a time in my career when I was working with a group spread out between seven offices in five countries. Even the small team I managed sat in two corporate offices and two home offices. So even on those days when I went in and sat at my assigned desk, I was pretty

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Mindy Hanson - two minute tips

Tuesday Tip, August 21, 2018

How can your newsletter reach a wider audience, save you money on postage and printing and be greener all at once? Find out in today’s Tuesday tip.  Tuesday Tip from AlphaPixel Reach How can your newsletter reach a wider audience, save you money on postage and printing and be greener all at once? Find out

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The Social Media High Wire

Starting your own business is an amazing balancing act. Investments of your own time and money towards the eventual payoff can be overwhelmingly intimidating. You have the skills and the know-how, but how do you let people KNOW that you know so they know to use your services? The Internet has changed and shaped the

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Message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle

I’ll send an SOS to the world I’ll send an SOS to the world I hope that someone gets my Message in a bottle “Message in a Bottle” – The Police Just like you can’t intentionally create a “viral video” despite demands to the contrary, you also can’t take a message, put it into a

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Two Minute Tuesday Tip, May 20

Find what inspires you! Find what inspires you! Use that inspiration to drive your marketing efforts. This short video is from Friday but Yellowstone does not have sufficient cell signal to post. Posted by AlphaPixel Reach on Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Coffee vs Houses

Great perspective from AlphaPixel Reach writer Clay Robeson. The goal of every business is to stay at the top of the “go-to” list that clients (and potential clients) think of when they need your services. Being on the tip of someone’s tongue when they or someone they know needs what you provide is the whole

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Tue Minute Tuesday Tip, On a Saturday

Expand your reach by being an active and involved member of your community! Two Minutes Tuesday Tip, On a Saturday Networking is a key element in building your small business. Today we worked with fellow members of the Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce to clean up our community! Posted by AlphaPixel Reach on Sunday, April

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Paying it Forward to Non-Profits

We love working with non-profits! We work with many organizations to enhance their online presence, update (or start from scratch) their website, expand their social media, grow their event attendance and increase fundraising! We are coming up on our two year anniversary of AlphaPixel Reach, although everyone on our team has been in the industry

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The Future for Facebook and Business

  We have all seen the headlines. Facebook made some decisions about releasing user data that have come into question and have the social media giant under close scrutiny. So, do you need to leave Facebook personally or as a business? We say NO! As a platform, Facebook is not going to go away. There

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Tuesday Two Minute Tip

Tuesday Two Minute Tip, April 3

I am stepping out of my comfort zone to bring you Tuesday Two Minute Tips!  Coming to you from Bean N Bakery Bistro in Conifer with a Tuesday Two Minute Tip about expanding your reach using Facebook Groups. Tuesday Two Minute Tip, April 3 Coming to you from Bean N Bakery Bistro with a Tuesday Two

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Punctuation Marks

Grammar in Social Media Presence

Welcome to S. Brett. Johnson, our guest Blogger. Brett has a passion for all thing grammatical and is a valuable member of the AlphaPixel Reach writing team. —– Grammar. There aren’t many subjects that make people’s eyes glaze over and roll back in their heads like grammar – tax law being the exception. Nonetheless, our

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Question from a Reader

We love it when someone asks a question that we can answer as a blog. In this case, Matt J. asked us, “Who are your clients? What kinds of businesses do you work with? Can we work together even though I am in another part of the country?” The answer is, we work with small

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Tuesday Two Minute Tip

Tuesday Two Minute Tip, Negative 6 Degrees!

I am stepping out of my comfort zone to bring you Tuesday Two Minute Tips! Today, we talk about how to stand out in the crowd! Two Minute Tuesday from -6 Degrees Coming to you live with this week's Two Minute Tuesday Tip. Be creative to stand out from the crowd. Brrrrrr! Posted by AlphaPixel Reach

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Share The Love

As a small business owner, I can tell you, online reviews are a phenomenal asset when it comes to recruiting new clients. People can read what others say about my business and get a perspective from people I have worked with on how I work and what I do well. When someone posts a review

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Navigating Facebook Changes

Facebook is making changes. You are hearing talking heads in the media tell you how it is going to impact your business and personal newsfeeds. But what does it all REALLY mean? How can you continue to reach your Facebook audience? We have some tips and tricks to share. Provide GOOD content. It is more

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Log Cabin in the forest and covered snow

Building Your Online Presence From the Foundation Up

Imagine you are at home, preparing a delicious meal and it is cold and snowing outside. You may not think about how the foundation, walls, doors, windows and roof are not only keeping the elements out but also allowing you to be productive and accomplish something indoors. If even one element in the house is

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2018 Goals - blank paper

2018 Business Resolutions

At this time of year, people are talking about their resolutions for the New Year. Eating healthy, exercising, making time for others and saving money are all common themes. But what resolutions do you have for your business and how are you going to take them from a resolution to reality? We can not tell

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Social Media - Small business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Many of our clients are small businesses whom we have helped them put together promotional campaigns to reach potential and current clients as we enter the holiday season. Many of our campaigns kicked off with announcements about today, Small Business Saturday. As I sit here contemplating what Small Business Saturday means to my clients, I

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